Thursday, 18 August 2011

Topshop top trumps

Topshop do it again. I find it almost quite annoying that Topshop manage to jump on everything that's massively hip before anyone else gets a look in. Wah nails, Instagram photo booths and now the Pop Bakery.
But I suppose I should just be happy that big humongous companies are embracing creative people big and small.
I have actually never eaten a Pop Bakery delight and if I'm honest I don't think they look very filling nor satisfying (they're VERY small - how can that compare to a huge brownie from Albion Cafe?). They do however look very very beautiful and I'm all for aesthetics so I'm glad they've taken off in such a huge way (they even sell a version in Starbucks now).

Topshop have their very own uber cute Pop Bakery in store which looks as cool and girly as I would expect.

Gold star to Topshop. All other high street fashion stores - must try harder.

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