Wednesday, 12 May 2010

And on that note


I realised how much I like animated gifs - especially ones that look really nice.
That's all I have to say.

Just mucking about


I seem to be very busy at the moment but nothing is quite finished yet so I have nothing to share here that would be of much interest. Just lots of nearly finished projects.
The Becks Music inspires art short films will be done next week so that will throw up some good things for me to share and the next issue of the newspaper i am editor for will be done in the next two or three weeks as well as lots of other fairly exciting things.
Oh and I joined the Labour party today. Cost me a fiver. Bargain!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Fingers in my ears

The show Jack Guinness and I have done for INQ Mobile is now doing the rounds on Spotify.
You can listen to Radio INQ if you follow the link here:

If you don't have a Spotify account and would like to listen to our show plus all the music your ears could desire get in touch and I can arrange for the nice people at Spotify to send you an invite. Woo.

Just saw one Facebook review of our show: 'worst DJs ever' (not the first time I've heard this said about my 'skills')
So on that note.. tune in yeah :-)

p.s the picture above is of Jack and moi chatting to Tinie Tempah. My nose looks unusually large and Child-Catcher-esque. Ah well.

Please, somebody stop them

I'm no Jeremy Paxman when it comes to politics but one thing I do know is I don't want this nutjob running the country I live in.
Just look at his stupid massive moonface and his skinny dribbly lips - you know what they say about people with thing lips too... mean types never to be trusted. Pah.
I can so imagine him staring into the bathroom mirror every morning punching the air shouting "YES DAVID. YOU ARE THE BEST. YOU ARE A WINNER. WIN. WIN. WIN"
At the end of the day all political parties are a lot of lying, scheming, money hungry hounds but for me Labour are the least evil of three predominant evils. Depressing but true. Those good old Liberals have shown that they're not quite so hip and down with the real people of Britain haven't they?
And in actual fact, for right or for wrong I really quite like Gordon. When he's left to his own verbal devices he actual seems to be the most genuine and sincere, by far the most intelligent and the one that seems to be in it for others rather than for his own ego.
Oh and all this Gordon bashing from The Sun, Sky News, Simon Cowell, The Times etc ... does Rupert Murdoch really not realise it's ridiculously obvious he's behind it all?

Anyway, rant over.
On that note I just bought one of his books on Amazon.

Oh and these brilliant images are the handiwork of the lovely Verity Keefe. She shares many of my views but articulates them far better than I would through the use of pretty pictures.

Cutting some rug

When I grow up and have my own house my living room shall look something like this...