Monday, 10 January 2011

A boozy energy-filled Christmas treat

Wouldn't this be a nice treat to get from Mr Postie of a morning?
These are the extra special gifts that I worked with Creative Trust to design and produce for Red Bull's biggest and bestest customers this festive season.
We sourced antique briefcases and filled them with booze, a bit more booze and a few cans of trusty Red Bull and Red Bull Cola.
So energy, alcohol, fashion and festive cheer all wrapped in one gift.
Let's hope it beats the branded mouse-mat they were expecting.

Friday, 7 January 2011

New years resolution

Here's to 2011 and filling life with fantastical treats such as these.
Good luck one and all (sorry it's a bit late).

Doughnut you wanna have fun

Sorry, terrible pun. Here are some mouth watering photos of the fantastic doughnut wall that we created for the INQ Mobile Pheromone party in Toronto.
If you're ever in doubt about how to tie in food, booze and party the answer is DOUGHNUT WALL.
To see more of the party fun and all the hot posing Canadian hipsters you can check out the INQ Canada party pics here.
Party on.