Monday, 22 August 2011

Agness on heartbreak

I'm working with my wonderful pals at Odd London on some 'Firsts' related stuff for the beautiful, shabby British campaign for Doctor Martens.
Above is a rather mesmerising little film from Aggy (I think that's what they call her) on what 'firsts' means to her. Yes, it's all about the boys. Typical.
Anyway I'm working on some very exciting stuff that I can't spill the beans on yet but it's more stuff that celebrates the sense of first times and how brilliant they are. Ooh.
Stay tuned.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Topshop top trumps

Topshop do it again. I find it almost quite annoying that Topshop manage to jump on everything that's massively hip before anyone else gets a look in. Wah nails, Instagram photo booths and now the Pop Bakery.
But I suppose I should just be happy that big humongous companies are embracing creative people big and small.
I have actually never eaten a Pop Bakery delight and if I'm honest I don't think they look very filling nor satisfying (they're VERY small - how can that compare to a huge brownie from Albion Cafe?). They do however look very very beautiful and I'm all for aesthetics so I'm glad they've taken off in such a huge way (they even sell a version in Starbucks now).

Topshop have their very own uber cute Pop Bakery in store which looks as cool and girly as I would expect.

Gold star to Topshop. All other high street fashion stores - must try harder.

Doodle time

This is the magical work of Kyle Pellet of San Jose. I am a big fan of quite weird and slightly creepy artwork so I'm a definite fan.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Poltergeist resurrection

This is a masterpiece of a poster by the legendary rock illustrator Ken Taylor.

I'm pretty disappointed I didn't get my grubby mitts on one of these but only 175 were put out on sale and sold out immediately. Bah humbug.
On the upside there's plenty more amazing work where that came from and perhaps I'd end up having nightmares if I looked at that every night before bedtime.
Check out more of his beautiful work here.

Rupert the cat

This is Rupert the cat. He lives in the house behind mine and likes to sit on the wall outside our kitchen window meowing until he's let into the house.
He is very cute whilst also being aloof and moody like any good cat should be.
I am under no illusion about that fact that our relationship is mainly based around food - especially given that he likes to bite if you try and pick him up for more two seconds. Physical contact is not part of the deal.
Anyway, I like this 'meow action' shot and that's the only reason it's on here.

p.s. I named him Rupert as I don't his real name - probably Tiddles or something. I have also been informed Rupert is in fact a lady feline but I still think she's a he so I'm sticking with Rupert.

Bribery is a wonderful form of promotion

Got handed this the other day whilst merrily walking over London bridge on a beautiful sunny day.
Not only are they offering out free hairdos but they're sellotaping Haribo Maoams to the leaflets so there's no possible way you could decline (the leaflet that is, not the free haircut).
Maybe it's my gloomy cynicism but all this free stuff doesn't fill me with hope that this is likely to be the haircut to top all haircuts.
And believe me I've had some pretty 'special' haircuts in my time so I know what I'm talking about....

Friday, 5 August 2011

A beautiful 3 minutes 13 seconds

This is by far and away my favourite music video of the last twelve months if not all time (still have a soft spot for the Paula Abdul and Cat video of my youth).
This magnificent creation comes from the truly magical directorial hand of my good pal Aoife Mcardle.
Last week she won Best Music video at the Rushes Soho Awards and never was there a more deserving winner.
Song's not bad either ;-)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

This is a delightful image and I would be very happy to call this my home. Failing that it's on my list of 'places to visit' if and when I go on an erm... summer holiday to Germany (not that I have anything particularly against Germany, it's just not top of the list for me)

The upside down house called “The World Stands on its Head” was built as a tourist attraction in Trassenheide, a German town on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom.

The Polish born German business man who had it built wanted it to be an “experiment for the senses.” The Cape Cod-style house had to be built with a steel frame because of the tremendous weight on the section of the roof poking into the ground. The 120 meter square home has to be accessed through the attic. About the only thing the right side up is the stairs because the visitors need to go up them to get to the “ground” floor.

The way all companies should do bizness

The CEO of awesome evidently.