Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Looking back

I was looking back at my work from many moons ago and came across these pretty impressive photographs.
Those were the days when two sweaty runners were the nation's sweetheart.
Now they've been replaced by a nodding dog that sounds kind of like Vic Reeves.
Still 118 118 = career highlights and I'll no doubt post more of these grainy pictures soon.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Rosy glow

I picked up this print from my friend and immense talent Rosy Nicholas today.
I hadn't seen it in real life until today and I have to say I think it may be my favourite picture in my somewhat eclectic family of art and random pictures.
It's currently propped up next to my bathroom so apologies for the crappy photo.
It still looks amazing though.
Oh and amongst other things Rosy also made lots of hand printed Christmas crackers and massive pants for a Christmas project I was running so I must post up some pics of that at some point soon too.

Short stories

INQ Promotional Mood Reel from Aoife Chris and Grant Too on Vimeo.

This is a very cool little video that Charly and myself worked with two of my favourite people to produce for INQ Mobile.
The purpose of the film was to be displayed at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona - essentially a sea of grey suited men who are really into mobile phones.
INQ wanted a mood film that summed them up in less than 60 seconds and also summed up their audience: the internet generation.
Aoife and Grant have made a totally ace little film that made INQ look approx 576% cooler than any other brands at the conference.

Fashion people care too

I did my bit (ish) for charity last week and helped my wonderful, dear (they sound like my grandparents) old pals at Odd with a very last minute project they were creating for Fashion Relief.
It was a pop-up shop at Westfield - the haven of shops, shops, food, more shops, then some more shops - to raise money for the Haiti Relief.
The shop was selling exclusive Haiti relief t-shirts designed by Vivienne Westwood which were modeled on the catwalk at Fashion Week by none other than Naomi Campbell.
I think you can still buy the t-shirts online but I'm not quite sure where so I'll have to get back to you on that.
Odd managed to design, produce, install, staff and provide entertainment with less than a week which I think is rather marvelous. Oh and with literally no money.
So really, a bit like Challenge Anneka without the annoying blonde in a jumpsuit.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Some kind of wonderful

Beach time

If my house wasn't entirely covered in those tiny, overly-modern, ugly spotlights I would definitely have these on display.
I'm not sure if anyone I live with would be into them so much which means they may be relegated to the boudoir. Which is fine by me.

They're made by this very talented man by the way.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Splish splash splosh


Cheryl probably had something to do with this.

It's a beatiful day

Oh God. I think those are the words of Bono. Sorry.
Still it's very sunny through my window and it's making my right ear hot.


Unless you are devoid of eyes and ears you probably know all about the Red Bull Music Academy that's happening in London and around the UK until mid March.
It's music, education and fun all rolled into one. Nice.
I've been working with them on the creative side of things - helping to find artists, writers and suchlike for the endless projects they have going on for the Academy.
One of the stupendous talents I shared with them is this person.
He's been reviewing pirate radio stations, slagging crap stuff off (probably) and sharing his truly essential grime glossary.
He is also responsible for this magnificent doggy doodle you say before you.

For more info on Music Academy go to the website of hunt down one of the daily newspapers.

Your name's not down you're not comin' in

Harsh. No fun for him :-(

Thursday, 18 February 2010

It's Fashion Week again. How exciting.


This is something I worked with the totally awesome Chrissie Abbott on to create for Red Bull during Fashion Week.
We worked on the design identity for their foray into fashion as well as making some really amazing moving image work, apparel and other nice little bits and pieces.
If you're interested in the details about Fashion Factory you can find out more

Ring ring

I've been doing a lot of work with a company called INQ Mobile alongside fandabidozee Charly of Charly Inc fame
They're a fun young mobile phone company that make phones for the socially obsessed generation so you have Facebook, Twitter and whatnot all setup as soon as you buy it. Phewee.
I will post up lots of the other stuff we've been doing with INQ later but here are some prototypes of limited edition handsets we're making in collaboration with the lovely and very tall Danny Sangra
The plan is for these only to be available online but plans have been to known to change so that could be a white lie.
Apologies for the rather shoddy photography but that's the best I could get I'm afraid.

A few days too late...

...but here is the ultimate Valentine's gift for any wise and romantic person living in this country.
Could possibly lead to a few arguments though I suspect.


I agree with the sentiment but not so much about the breed of dog.
But still. If pugs get people off drugs then I'm all for them.

True Romance ... sending a Skype message to the special person in your life via a slightly mental little man in Tokyo. Or via one of the other Skype artists in other countries around the world.
I helped the very very lovely people at Poke for a couple of days on this project and three (or maybe four or five) months later it's gone live.
Pretty cute I think. And better than lame old Moonpig.
The campaign's called Skype outside and you can investigate further here

Words of wisdoom

A slightly melancholy message here from my friend James Pearson Howes for you.
He did a few limited prints on a great selection of coloured papers that I think are still available to buy.
You should take a nosey at his website to see these and all his other very special photography.
P.s. I think James is one of the nicest and happiest people I may ever have met.
Oh and p.p.s. This is a photo of his print on my slightly Granny-chic-esque bedroom wall hence the top quality photography of the top quality photography.

Deer watch #1

I have a very girly obsession that comes in the form of lovely little deers.
Bambi is obviously the ultimate megacuteadorable deer but I'm not fussy really - I love all deers big or small.
In this case small ... teeny weeny tiny in fact.
Cute rating 9

Is that really you?

I need to get a new passport this year which means the trauma of that horrendous photo that will haunt and follow me around for the next decade. God.
I wonder if I'd be allowed a passport pic like these hipsters. I could live with this I think.