Monday, 21 November 2011


I can live without the song (it just remind me of being in the gym) but I LOVE this video.
It has everything in it that all girls of all ages love... all that's missing is mountains of garish pink candyfloss.
Beyonce is the master of girlish cool.

She's my modern day equivalent to Janet Jackson who had ALL The best dance routines back in the day.

Rutting Season is officially over.

Ted Baker AW11 Activty from Guided Collective on Vimeo.

Here's a little end of project film for another tour I've recently completed but this one was in the cosy confines of a bunch of lovely Ted Baker stores across the country for their in-store event entitled...ahem... It's Rutting Season (which indeed it was at the time).

Incase you didn't know, during the Autumn months all the magical, magnificent stags and does around the world get their freak on and start going rutt crazy.
The guys are all desperate to impress a lady so she'll let him take her home and show off his 'moves' (hopefully minus any music courtesy of Simply Red).

With this in mind, I worked with the skill-tastic dudes at the Guided Collective to help create what can only be described as a human take on the rutting season.

In a number of stores across the UK, customers were invited to try on frocks or dapper suits (if they wanted) throw on the beautiful hand-crafted doe and stag masks made by the hugely talented chaps at Creative Trust and strike a pose.

Said poses were then snapped by some of the UK's top fashion bloggers (including the super-cool Mademoiselle Robot with all images being posted to a specially created app on Ted's Facebook page.
As you may have guessed, the most popular guy and gal (or rather, doe and stag) were decided upon by the thoroughly modern decision making process which is 'how many LIKES did you get' on Facebook.

I'm probably going a bit overboard with the description given that there's a film for you to watch above this so apologies for the boring patter.

If you fancy snooping at a few of the ruttee's you can check them out HERE.

Witness the Hitnes (sorry...)

Sorry these are all in a slightly jumbled up order but here's the penultimate wall for the Converse One Wall project in the bustling Italian city of Naples.
We worked with the mysterious (and as you can see in the film, faceless) street artist Hitnes who added yet another totally fresh and inspiring style and method to the project.
Overall, we (the Charly Inc. team) are really proud of the work that has made up this project as it's ended up being a real rainbow of different talents, styles, backdrops and personalities resulting in what I like to think is a more unique take on street art and brands collaborating.
Thanks massively to the awesome dudes at Perfect Fools who are the creative forces behind this and the on-site humour for each leg of the tour.

Happy smiley faces all round.


Sorry for the delay in posting this image but here's the final masterpiece by none other than the sweet and the lovely Miss Faunagraphic.
Video of her excellence and the amazing family who helped out to follow in the very near future.

I'm sad to say Manchester was the last leg of the Converse One Wall tour but fingers crossed there will be lots more exciting work to follow and I'm sure Converse will keep on pushing and supporting inspiring young talent just like Faunagraphic.

Also, fresh off the press this nice little piece on the project and the revamp of the Northern Quarter in general from the cool dudes at Don't Panic.

Oh and this and many more beautiful photos by the charmer that is Mr Ric Lowe.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tweet tweet

A work in progress shot of the epic wall the very sweet Miss Faunagraphic is beautifully decorating for us on Newton Street in the Northern Quarter of Manchester.
Sadly this is the final leg of the One Wall tour I've been working on as part of the Charly Inc family (alongside Perfect Fools).

Final pics to follow but already I hope you agree that this is one magnificent blue tit.