Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Ooh my eyes hurt

Photobucket This is a rather magnificent creation by master street artist (and shoe fetishist apparently) known as Gif-itti. Get it?

Apparently he painstakingly paints layer after layer of the design to create this glorious picture of animated gif beauty.

I LIKE. And I wish I could have ideas as clever as this.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. And it takes a lot for me to say that.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sweltering in the sunlight

It is HOT HOT HOT today. So hot that I fear many ice-creams may melt and die in the sunshine.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Sad times

I was pretty sad to see this Facebook postfrom the exceptionally talented British musician Whitey. I suppose it's the same situation as many exceptionally creative yet perhaps not chart-topping artists face these days. Lots of people love them, fellow musicians respect them and they generally have credibility streaming out of their ears but it doesn't transfer into big fat dollar signs for big fat record label bosses (or even quite skinny ones on microbiotic diets i would imagine). I'm not going to try and dissect a situation I don't know much about beyond this meagre blog post but all I know is Whitey can really write what to my ears, is a wonderful beautiful pop song and so for him not to get a record deal of any worth sucks balls big time. Onwards and upwards as I so very often say. Oh yeah, and the spirit of his punk rock attitude and true creativity he's stuck his fingers up at the record labels and will instead have his album available for your listening pleasure as of Saturday the 19th May here. Happy Birthday to me (well a day late but who's counting?)

News flash

One of the very fun projects I've been lucky enough to complete in Q1 of 2012 (that's bizness speak for the first quarter of the year by the way) was the creation of the Vedett Gazett.

This was a concept created by the lovely team at Vedett and Duvel over in my second favourite European country Belgium. The idea was to move along the existing opportunity for people to upload their images onto Vedett bottle labels to something a little richer and more relevant to today's popular trends of blogging, tweeting and so on. Through Vedett Gazett people are able to upload stories, pictures, illustrations, you name it to the digital version of the newspaper and then the best bits make it through to the analogue version (our favourite of course) where they see their stories hit the Vedett headlines in real life glorious newsprint. Simple yet fun and full to the brim with wonderfully talented and genuinely interesting individual's work. The paper was designed by cool cat number one Mr Damien Poulain.

and the accompanying flyposters were designed by Cool Cat number two and and hip Dad Marc Kremers.

The posters and newspapers were distributed UK wide and as I type these words I believe we're pretty much all out of issue number one so that can only be a good sign. Issue two will be with us in the very near future and when my brain can compute exact dates I'll be sure to let you know. Thank you and good evening.

King of Kindness

This is the truly marvellous Adam Bainbridge - otherwise known as Kindness. Oh and a cute little boy called Ramon (good name). This video is like Gonzales meets the best bits of Sesame Street sprinkled with a little bit of Dad-humour, cool and magic. If you haven't already seen Kindness live please do so as it's one of the most exciting and refreshing things to come out of the UK music scene in a very long time. Whether or not he will sell millions of records remains to be seen (good taste is not high on the musical agenda these days it seems) but who cares.. if he stays as a hidden musical gem I will be happy. Provided he gets paid handsomely and lives a happy life of course.