Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Church of Fun

This is a thing of wonder and beauty:
The Abondantus Gigantus was a temporary chapel constructed last year as part of the Grenswerk Festival in Enschede, Netherlands. The church could be mistaken for a children’s playhouse as it’s built using colorful construction bricks that resemble toy LEGO blocks. The concrete building material is Legioblock, which is often used to build walls and industrial buildings. These concrete blocks can be interconnected and stacked on top of each other just like the toy building blocks.

Designers Michiel de Wit and Filip Jonker commented that, “The odd scale of the church invites the viewer to become aware of the things we take for granted and to observe them once again, more closely, and to either let go or accept. The church appeals to sentiments for renewed sense of community.”

via PSFK:

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Witching hour

New hobby for 2012 with my good pal and fellow doom lover Aoife Mcardle.

I'm flying without wings

Whoever said that dogs are stupid clearly hadn't met this chap.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Sheriff Fatman

Just needed to move that ugly denim clad youtube image down the page a bit so here's a rather brilliant drawing.

Nice song, shame about the video

Sorry - this is an exceptionally ugly piece of youtube footage to look at but hopefully the brilliance of the accompanying song makes up for it.
I'm getting into a lot of 70s Dad rock and I don't mean the noodly prog-rock stuff (I was already well into that many moons ago).

This song is pretty special isn't it? How it hasn't made it onto the soundtrack of an epic blockbusting film is really quite surprising. Or maybe it has and Wikipedia is an unreliable source.

Either way, it's my new fave.

Sesame Treat

Probably the most consistently good and cool thing on TV. I wish I remembered more of it from my childhood.

Don't have nightmares

There's an array of great old, weird, semi-funny and ever so creepy films playing at my new favourite place the BFI.
In particular hot dates I'm looking forward to are Day of Wrath, Vampyr and Ordet all by Carl Dreyer who, from what I'm told, is something of a legend when it comes to making great films.

As someone who previously turned my nose up at films where english wasn't the first language I'm something of a changed woman (my favourite films used to be Clueless and Wayne's World - still great movies but you get the picture)

Oh and to top it off there are no annoying adverts but on the downside they don't sell cheap sugary popcorn.

Oh well, such is life.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Friends in high places

This is my incredible friend Thorunn's video for her pure pop magic 'Too late'.
I love everything about this and am so proud of her.
I hope she becomes the mega popstar she deserves to be - if she does I'm jacking all this in and becoming her real life wife and life partner.
Lots of love to you hubby x

Happy day of love

or words to that effect.