Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Pheromone Party time

For the last few weeks I've been working with the wonderful Charly, landlady of Charly Inc. on one of our many weird, wonderful and ever so slightly random projects for INQ Mobile.

Working alongside megastar French Canadian ad agency Sid Lee we have created the world's first.... PHEROMONE PARTY!!
Yes indeed, it's a party filled to the brim with pheromones.
Given that INQ target the young and the restless this seemed like the perfect way to land in town with a bang.
The first party is on Thursday at a brand new space called The Airshop in Toronto followed by parties in Vancouver and Montreal.
We hired the services of those ever reliant hipsters at Vice to help us with reeling in the fun brigade so fingers crossed it's a party to remember.
Expect lights, lazers, doughnuts, pheromone machines, cool people, great music, confetti cannons and loads more.

I'll post photos of the all the crazy shenanigans post Thursday as well as details of some of the other stuff we have planned in Canada for INQ.