Saturday, 10 December 2011

New, new, newsflash

Hurray. I've updated my website to show off some of the super duper exciting work I've been getting up to this past few months.
Take a stroll around and hopefully enjoy yourself.

Also, I wanted an excuse to share this seagull pic taken by my good self in sunny Broadstairs last summer. He looks friendly doesn't he?

Christmas is coming.. tick tock

I've worked with my dear pals at Creative Trust to produce these marvellous handcrafted recyclable giftbox clocks for Red Bull this festive season.
These clocks are sent out to all Red Bull's most valued customers who will get a clock as well as some cans of the energetic beverage itself which are sneakily tucked inside the clock as a little extra little treat.
Afterall, it is the thought that counts.

Party time

Trying to find some fun party music for my good pal Granny's bday and all I can muster up are glorious 90s anthemic pop hits like this one.
Let's hope he doesn't mind a night of powerful female vocalists (and a bit of Artful Dodger thrown in for good measure).

I'm half kidding.

Happy bday Granny.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

I-Scream (with joy)

This is a thing of beauty. Almost good enough to eat (I say almost because it kinda looks like it might be made out of plasticine.
For this we have the merry-go-round of magical colour that is Fred Butler to thank.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Alphabetti Spaghetti

So Christmas is a-comin' and there's nothing a'nicer than doing a bit of shop shop shopin'.
When it comes to gifts, the more personal the better I'm sure you'll agree.

This year I've ordered some beautiful hand-made initial lamps for my little nieces and nephew. I've picked their fave colours and I'm already picturing them placed by their beds to add a bit of cool timeless fun to their bedrooms.

The lamps are made my amazing pals and work partners at Creative Trust and will be available to buy online in the very near future so you can all get them for your loved ones too. Hurrah.

Obviously if my little nieces and teeny tiny nephew are reading this then I'm sorry I've given the Christmas pressie game away and also I'm very impressed by your internet skillz ;-)

Oh and also...

It's nice when kids are actually funny, cute and a bit weird in films rather than those gross, over-keen cheesy ones who have been preened and pushed by their parents and look far too perfect. Know what I mean? Hmmm....

So anyway... I just wanted share what is, in my opinion, one of The Wedding Singer's finest moments.

P.S Billy Idol hasn't aged much at all. Wonder what his secret is.

Movie soundtrack awards

Just watched The Wedding Singer - definitely one of my fave films as far as rom-coms are concerned.
Was pleasantly reminded that one of the best pop songs ever is in this film as well as being in one of my other fave ever movies 500 Days of Summer.
Nice when that happens isn't it?