Sunday, 4 December 2011

Alphabetti Spaghetti

So Christmas is a-comin' and there's nothing a'nicer than doing a bit of shop shop shopin'.
When it comes to gifts, the more personal the better I'm sure you'll agree.

This year I've ordered some beautiful hand-made initial lamps for my little nieces and nephew. I've picked their fave colours and I'm already picturing them placed by their beds to add a bit of cool timeless fun to their bedrooms.

The lamps are made my amazing pals and work partners at Creative Trust and will be available to buy online in the very near future so you can all get them for your loved ones too. Hurrah.

Obviously if my little nieces and teeny tiny nephew are reading this then I'm sorry I've given the Christmas pressie game away and also I'm very impressed by your internet skillz ;-)

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