Monday, 21 November 2011

Witness the Hitnes (sorry...)

Sorry these are all in a slightly jumbled up order but here's the penultimate wall for the Converse One Wall project in the bustling Italian city of Naples.
We worked with the mysterious (and as you can see in the film, faceless) street artist Hitnes who added yet another totally fresh and inspiring style and method to the project.
Overall, we (the Charly Inc. team) are really proud of the work that has made up this project as it's ended up being a real rainbow of different talents, styles, backdrops and personalities resulting in what I like to think is a more unique take on street art and brands collaborating.
Thanks massively to the awesome dudes at Perfect Fools who are the creative forces behind this and the on-site humour for each leg of the tour.

Happy smiley faces all round.

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