Saturday, 23 July 2011

Goodbye to the Queen of Camden Town

As female British pop music of late goes she was definitely the top of my list.
Amazing look (the best hair in decades - be it real or otherwise), amazing voice, heartfelt, heartbreaking songs, very funny and the sort of troubled tragic soul that really sincerely wished would get better as you just knew she had so many more great songs to share with the world.
I don't want to put her in the Pete Doherty pile as a drug addict loser - she was obviously a drug addict but ultimately she fell in love, got in with the wrong crowd and I suppose had an addictive personality that took her down a very dark path. It's really really sad and I wish someone or something could have helped get her out of it.

But on the upside there are all the brilliant, beautiful songs she's created to enjoy.
She is Camden's very own Janis Joplin and I truly hope she can rest in peace x

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