Saturday, 3 April 2010

Smashie and Nicey

Me and my pal (or is that my pal and i? not quite sure) Jack (pictured above) are hosting a rather amazing, wonderful, brilliant, awesome radio show! Erm ok... that may be a slight exaggeration but basically the lovely people at INQ Mobile are hosting a series of branded shows on Spotify and it's up to us to make sure it's not snooze-enducing.
Starting in a couple of weeks it will essentially be us rambling on about random stuff, trying to be funny, trying to act natural, trying to play music people might like. Basically doing a whole lot of trying.
Oh and also we'll be interviewing a veritable cheese platter of popstars at a new show being recorded at Koko (sponsored by INQ) next weekend so we will hopefully have some hilarious faux pax-esque quotes from the middle aged one in Westlife (yep they are on the lineup) to share on our show. But wait - which one's the middle aged one in Westlife?
Answers on a postcard.
Oh and for more info on INQ go to

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