Tuesday, 16 March 2010

It's really hard to get a bargain on Ebay these days...

I've always had a slightly irrational obsession with Ebay and this Weird Al song is scarily true for me.
Anyway, last night on my hunt for another Wings/McCartney tshirt circa 1975 I stumbled upon this gem.
Pretty cool t-shirt you're thinking? Looks fairly vintage, fairly rare thus likely to impress all those snobbish friends. Nice.
But hang on a minute. They want how much? Yep, this t-shirt goes for the bargain price of £10,000.
It's from the banned album Butcher from 1966 and is ummmm... really pretty rare and of course worth every penny.
I shall not be bidding on this as it's not in my size but if you are feeling like adding this essential to your wardrobe you can do so here.

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